37 Smart training sessions available…from the comfort of your own home!


Just like we promised! Starting May 18th, Smart will offer 37 online training sessions with 400 spots available. This is your chance to (re)discover new topics and upgrade your skills!

In mid-April we were happy to announce these online training sessions—a first for Smart, since we’ve never had the chance to develop this kind of training before now. Today, the cooperative is pleased to offer online training that touches on a range of topics such as communication, economics, business and personal development. Some trainings that we wanted to adapt to reflect the current crisis include: “How to bounce back from a drop in business?”; “How to communicate after lockdown?”; and “How to organise working from home effectively?”, among others.

You may also be interested to know that we are offering training sessions in Dutch and English as well. Another first for Smart.
And finally, more good news: the cooperative will continue offering these sessions for free! Given the economic circumstances affecting our members, we have decided again to take on the costs associated with these training sessions. This means that these sessions are available free of charge to all of our members, whether in France, Belgium, Italy or Spain – in short, all members across Europe. Yet another first!

To learn more about these training sessions, click here.

Please note that capacity is limited, so please only choose the training that best suits your needs.

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