Interested in the Bigre Rencontre 2020?


The Bigre Rencontre is a week-long gathering where professionals come to meet one another, learn together and exchange ideas. This year, pending public health regulations, the event will take place August 24–28th in Sète. 

But that’s just the beginning… 


The Bigre Rencontre is the result of a dynamic and cooperative initiative launched in 2014 by Smart, Oxalis and Coopaname, together with their respective associated cooperatives – all organisations that work together to forge a new pathway that is neither subordinate salaried employment nor precarious self-employment. 

The Bigre Rencontre is open to anyone wanting to participate in discussions, exchange best practices, learn together and share ideas around the issue of freelance work 

Faced with the challenges that contemporary society presents, every day of the Bigre Rencontre has been planned with the ideals of popular education and respect for others in mind. In addition to covering topics such as business development, the various roles and organisational methods within a collective, or how to set up a professional collective, we will also discuss political issues that affect the working world in general and cooperatives in particular. 


The Bigre Rencontre warmly welcomes all members, but please note that the event will be held in French. 

Click here for the Bigre Rencontre website 


Got an idea for a workshop at the Bigre Rencontre 2020? We’d love to hear it! 

The idea behind the Bigre Rencontre is to create a programme using resources and ideas that originate among members of the organising cooperatives. 

The call for proposals is open! Have you got an idea for the Bigre Rencontre 2020? Send in your proposal by May 10th.  

 Propose a workshop 


Have you got an idea for an activity related to one of the themes at the Big Rencontre 2020? 

Please use this form for activities related to any of the 3 main themes we have developed this year (food, transition & transformation and international cooperation) as well as for Tuesday afternoon activities related to forms of economic cooperation or for the open stage. 

This second form is also due by May 10th. 

Propose an activity 



Curious about the event in previous years? 

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